Outsiders live away from the crowds and without witness, for the pure, authentic joy of doing what they love to do. We need the outsiders in the world. The ones who refuse to follow the crowd or jump on the bandwagon. The ones who don’t fit into a box. Who do things not because they are cool, but for the value of the experience. The ones who push the envelope...
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Baja is no stranger to anyone who is even slightly immersed in the off-road community; However, the lack of modern comforts and the harsh desert environment discourage a lot of travelers from entering this little slice of paradise. Baja is a place where you must learn to have an appreciation for the rugged terrain, the joys of eating dirt, bracing winds, and plucking barbed cactus from your foot. If you can’t fall in love with the harsh side of Baja, then there is little that you will find attractive about this place. 
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As a vehicle owner, you’re entrusting the safety and quality of your passengers and vehicle to the people who built it. One thing you can do is take matters into your own hands. When you’re out on the trails you don’t have any control over what obstacles you might encounter on the road. So go prepared, and get yourself a C4 Fab steel bumper. They provide greater shock absorption and make your vehicle heavier and able to handle more damage. In addition to the added protection, our bumpers also offer the ability to add more lighting options that can illuminate the trails or country road and add a degree of safety when traveling.
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A new chapter opens in the Toyota line-up, completely redesigned from the ground up, the new Tundra could turn out to be one of the greatest vehicles to choose for overlanding. A legacy was born in 1999, and today the Tundra is reborn; Delivering on a new promise of off-road performance and durability that only Toyota can offer.
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Caleb is the fearless leader of the C4 team, but first and foremost, he’s a craftsman. His skill, style and creativity are visible in the custom bumpers he’s built over the years, and even the way his tools hang on the wall. For Caleb it’s always been about going fast and having fun and with over 20 years in the off-road world, it’s only fitting that he now owns a large off-road manufacturing company. His passion for 4WD vehicles has fueled his drive to continue to create products that perform just as good as they look. Calebs bumper designs are a symbol of his personal virtues like freedom, rebellion & fearless individualism - the same virtues he founded C4 on 7 years ago. Since then C4 has become more than just an off-road manufacturing company, it represents a way of life; our way of that aims to connect the daredevils, thrill seekers and dream chasers of the world with a shared passion -- doing fun shit! ;)
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Drew is a true symbol of freedom with an intention of living a life that’s rich in experiences. He has as broad of a perspective on life as he does a great talent for photography. For Drew, the sterile conventionality of working a 9-5 has lost it’s charm… if it had any in the first place. He has ditched that traditional, more domesticated lifestyle of working til you die and chose to live life to the fullest by chasing experiences that set his soul on fire. He has been repping C4 Fab products for a couple years now, so we were so stoked to chat with him for a minute! If you want to get an inside scoop on his life in Baja, his photography career, and all about his off-road adventures in his Toyota Tundra; Keep reading!
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I grew up all over the continent. My grandmother spends 90% of her life outdoors tenting to her animals, plants and fruit/vegetable garden in Mexico. Some of my fondest childhood memories to place with my Abuela helping her outdoors. I spent a handful of my teenage years living in Canada and camping with my family. A couple of times a year my parents would take us on a 10 day camping trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park- I'd like to go back there one day and "thank" this area that really sparked my desire to explore, travel and experience all the beauty this continent has to offer! So to answer simply, my love for the outdoors!
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Staring down the edge of a 1000 ft cliff, feeling the wind rush against your face. Setting up camp after 100 miles of kidney splitting off road trails, while you take in the smell of brats and whiskey around the campfire. Feeling the chill of that brisk mountain air at 13,000 ft, while snuggling into a warm sleeping bag for the night. Squaring up to the lip of that double with the 50ft gap, feeling the tightness in your chest as you grip the steering wheel. Inhaling the smell of the summer air that’s filled with the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber. These are the feeling of exhilaration, the adrenaline that makes you feel alive. The experiences our culture longs for at the end of a long hard week. The desire to escape our mundane lives and go explore the unknown. We enjoy the outdoors, we enjoy adventure, we enjoy the heart stopping thrill and the new experiences, friendships and inspiration that come from it. So that’s why we have created a product that seamlessly embodies all of those. We bring precision to inspiration, and provide the protection you need with the aggressive styling you want.
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